About Kipi

KipiworldKima! (Hello)
The main goal behind Kipi is to help people from different countries and cultures communicate better with each other, and hopefully, be more peaceful.

Most people give up learning second languages because of the great time investment required to absorb hundreds or thousands of words and grammar. With just 30 words, Kipi can be mastered in just a couple hours of practice (on the plane, train or boat on the way to wherever…). Kipi is also politically neutral. It’s a constructed language (an ‘Auxlang’), like Esperanto, so everyone can feel comfortable using it. Kipi sounds (consonants and vowels) are the most common sounds in the majority of languages, so it should be easy to pick up. Kipi is for everyone.

Video: Why and how to speak Kipi     Pronunciation Guide

Kipi was created as a non-profit, fun and hopefully useful project by Eli Stutz, a children’s author and lover of words.

Kiputi (Thank you!)