A Universal Word for Hello

HiKima.pngImagine there was a single word that everyone in the world used to say: “Hello”. You could go anywhere, meet anyone and greet each other with that word. And you wouldn’t be a native speaker talking to someone who learned your language. You would both be native speakers.

Native speakers of Kipi.

Kipi is a 30-word language that is meant to be used by everyone in the world. In Kipi, hello is “Kima”.

Kipi uses the nine sounds that are used by most languages in the world (k,p,t,m,n,y,a,i,u). The words are short, usually two syllables each.

Kipi words have been translated into 25 languages so far. I hope that within a year, we’ll have gotten to all major languages, and within three years, all languages.

Here are five more words for you to learn in Kipi:

Thank you – Kiputi

Good – Yimi

Can we be friends? – Pinpin?

I like you – Mini

Goodbye – Kapa

Learn all 30 words

So next time you greet someone, say “Kima” and tell them about Kipi.



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