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Kipi is a new language with only 30 words (here’s why).
It’s a universal, politically neutral language that’s meant to establish basic communication and goodwill. You can learn Kipi in about an hour. We hope that you’ll learn and use Kipi!

Kipi for English speakers is below.

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The 30 Words:

17 basic words:

Hello  –  Kima

Yes  –  Ya

No  –  Na

Maybe  –  Ami

I  –  Mi

You  –  Tu

Good / Great!  –  Yimi  /  Yimi yimi!

Bad  –  Kati

Thank you  –  Kiputi

Sorry (Excuse Me)  –  Taka

I’m lost  –  Nita

Left  –  Kin

Right  –  Pan

Straight  –  Mika

Danger!  –  Yita!

Help!  –  Yuki!

Goodbye  –  Kapa

13 phrases:

My name is __________.  –  Aki __________.

How are you?  –  Patu?

Can we be friends?  –  Pinpin?

I can help you  –  Tamtam

Where is the bathroom?  –  Timi tuki?

Where are you from? / where are you going?  –  Timi paya?  /  Timi kaya?

I like you / I love you  –   Mini  /  Mina

Sorry, I’m not interested / Please leave me alone!  –  Tana  /  Nana!

Follow me  –  Pimi

I’m thirsty / I’m hungry  –  Tipa  /  Tapa

I’m feeling well / I’m not feeling well  –  Miyimi  /  Mikati

How much is it?  –  Paniti?

Please call Emergency services!  –  Yama!

Good luck learning and using Kipi. Share it with others below – Kiputi!